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Family Myobatrachidae, Genus Pseudophryne

A group of small (to 30mm long) ground dwelling species (normally referred to as toadlets) which spawn out of water. Males call from a "nest" or shallow burrow built in low lying leaf litter. The eggs are deposited in the nest and often one or more frogs are found with the eggs. The eggs hatch when the area is flooded.

Their startlingly colourful undersides and their preference for walking rather than jumping make these frogs easy to identify.

Characteristics of the genus are horizontal pupils, coarse black and white marbling on the belly, and usually bright orange, or yellow in the groin or on the thighs.

Identifying Pseudophryne species

Question 16

Choice A Throat, lower belly and underside of hind limbs bright orange or yellow. Chest and upper belly marbled in black and white.

Choice B Underside of limbs and entire belly coarsely marbled in black and white.

Question 17

Choice A Bright yellow markings on upper arm, often extending to elbows. No boomerang-shaped ridges above shoulders.

Choice B A small pale yellow or orange patch on upper arm not extending to elbow. A pair of boomerang-shaped ridges over the shoulder.

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