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Family Myobatrachidae, Genus Neobatrachus

A group of rotund burrowing frogs living in dry forests, arid and semi-arid areas often taking advantage of rain-filled temporary pools and claypans for breeding. Their eggs are pigmented in either jelly clumps or long jelly strings. The males in this group have no vocal sac.

They are usually found only after rain or in moist weather at night, often long distance from water. Opportunistic feeders, these frogs will tackle quite large items of prey. Breeding season is probably autumn-winter-spring.

They are characterised by a vertical pupil, smooth belly, indistinct tympanum, fully or almost fully webbed toes and a distinct black metatarsal tubercle.

Identifying Neobatrachus species

Question 15

Choice A Skin in the groin loose, extending from the side of the body to the knee ("baggy pants").

Choice B Skin in groin not extending to the knee.

photography this page by Peter Robertson.

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