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Family Myobatrachidae, Genus Geocrinia

A group of ground-dwelling frogs, represented in Victoria by two species. Both are small (to 35mm) and spawn during summer and autumn. The eggs are terrestrial either in moist leaf litter or at the base of grass tussocks, in areas that are later flooded.

Victorian members of this genus are characterised by having a horizontal pupil, smooth belly, toes free of webbing and usually a pink spot in each armpit and groin, outlined or marbled in black. Back of thighs usually marbled with dark pigments and pink. Back smooth or with low round "warts".

The two species can be readily distinguished only by their calls.

Identifying Geocrinia species

Question 10

Choice A Call with two distinct parts, a long harsh introductory note followed by a series of short musical notes repeated rapidly, lasting several seconds "Wa-a-a-a-a-ark pip-pip-pip-pip-pip...". (Hear it now).

Choice B Call with only one type of note, a harsh squelch repeated with the first note usually longest, lasting several seconds "Cra-a-a-a-a-ack cra-a-ack cra-a-ack". (Hear it now). Western Victoria only.

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