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Family Myobatrachidae, Genus Uperoleia

A group of small to moderate frogs with a large number of species distributed over the continent. Most appear to be confined geographically to relatively small areas.

These frogs spawn in water. The adults are terrestrial and usually found in dry forests, shrubland, heathlands, and grasslands sheltering in moist depressions under logs, bark, or leaflitter.

Represented in Victoria by three species, this genus is characterised by a diamond shaped pupil, large distinct parotoid glands, both inner and outer metatersal tubercles and toes free from webbing.

They are best identified by their calls, two Victorian species being inseperable by any other method.

Identifying Uperoleia species

Question 20

Choice A Belly not fully pigmented.

Choice B Belly fully pigmented.

Question 21

Choice A Call a short creaking "aaark" lasting about half a second. (Hear it now).

Choice B Call a long drawn-out creaking "aaaaaaaaaarr" lasting about one second. (Hear it now).

photography this page by Ian Cust.

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