About the ARCade

Postage and handling

Postage and handling is automatically calculated when you checkout.

Live and frozen products are only offered with express forms of delivery.

Donations and special items

Many items (such as memberships and donations) do not attract a postage and handling fee simply because we are not sending a product to you. Special items (such as calendars in exchange for donations) may also be sent without a postage and handling fee.

Delivery within Australia

Live food and frozen orders are calculated separately to other products and will never be posted with other merchandise. An 'order' of insects is a single delivery. A single delivery may be made up of several types and sizes of live foods and any quantity - it is simply the number of times we have to pack a delivery for you.

Delivery dates and times

In most cases mailing takes place only once per week, usually on Tuesday.

This is especially true for insect orders. Because the ARC studies disease, it is important that staff minimise the number of areas that they work in each day. Thus, we limit the number of times we enter the cricket enclosure for deliveries, ensuring the health of the crickets and the frogs that they are fed to.

Payment methods
Credit card

The ARCade prefers payment by credit card (Visa and Mastercard).

Cheque or money order

Alternatively, you may opt to pay by cheque or money order. Your order will not be posted until we have received your payment. When paying by cheque or money order, please include your order number (shown on your confirmation email) with your payment in order to speed up the processing.

Make cheques and money orders payable to: "Amphibian Research Centre, PO Box 1365, Pearcedale, Victoria 3912".