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Introducing the Victorian Frog Group

Who is the Victorian Frog Group and what do they do? Learn about what they have to offer - the meetings, the field trips, the newsletter.

Event calendar

All the dates that you should mark in your calendar. Dates and details of meetings and field excursions as they come to hand.

Media archive

Discover the Victorian Frog Group through the eyes of the press. As part of the ongoing frogs.org.au media project, all of the newspaper and magazine articles (so far) featuring the VFG are collected here. Especially popular are stories about the Lost Frogs' Home.

Feature articles

Longer reports and articles about research and activities of interest to the group. Includes the details of the Group's program for rescuing frogs accidentally transported in fruit boxes (the Lost Frogs' Home) and a guide to keeping tadpoles.


Can't find the information that you were looking for? Here are some pointers to aid you in your quest.

Contact us

Get in touch with Victorian Frog Group via email. It's here.

Join us

Become one of us! Here's what you have to do.

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