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Joining the VFG

About "membership"

The VFG has suspended "paid" memberships and is throwing open the doors to everyone!

Because we had been providing so many great "free" things here on the website and elsewhere (through arrangements with sponsors, etc), it became apparent that the annual membership fee was perhaps not of great value (particularly to people who could not regularly attend meetings or other activities held at the Amphibian Research Centre in Werribee) when compared to what others were receiving without being a paid member.

Instead, we will continue to operate activities and hold meetings when the opportunities arise but a small fee may be charged for attendance, depending on the costs associated with the event. People with existing paid memberships will be offered "credit" on these activities until their paid membership is considered to have expired.

All correspondence by the Group is to be carried out electronically. Membership accounts can be managed by the members themselves in the frogs.org.au Community.

If you are/were a member who paid their membership each year simply to make a contribution to the conservation of frogs, there is still the opportunity to do so via "donations" in the frogs.org.au ARCade.

Becoming a member

To become a member of the new-generation Victorian Frog Group, simply sign-up to the frogs.org.au Community and ensure that you have selected to receive the Victorian Frog Group e-newsletter.

The e-newsletter will keep you informed of all the activities of the Victorian Frog Group and allow you to participate to the fullest in this illustrious community group.

See you there!

Note: Once a member of the Community, you can edit your profile to manage your newsletters. You can also delete your Community membership at any time - you are completely in control.

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