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Introducing the Victorian Frog Group

The Victorian Frog Group aims to provide for the needs of all those interested in Australian native frogs. Our aims are to facilitate education and conservation through encouraging a close contact with nature. Our membership is diverse, ranging through those with a general interest to gardeners, naturalists, teachers, pet owners, zookeepers, zoologists, research scientists, and university academics.

Our group offers a unique opportunity for you to meet people with similar interests, get to know more about frogs and get involved in the many exciting activities that are co-ordinated by the group. Whatever your interest in frogs, you'll find it at the Victorian Frog Group.


Meetings are held sporadically and are advertised both here and in the newsletter. Meetings include guest speakers on a wide range of topics relating to frogs, and also announcements relating to items of interest. These include reports on recent activities and discussion of future activities of the group. Displays, raffles, or auctions are occasionally held at meetings to raise money for special projects or conservation efforts. Light refreshments are provided following the meeting.


The Victorian Frog group sends out regular e-newsletters whenever new activities or meetings are scheduled or if major changes are made to the VFG website. Recent events concerning frogs and VFG activities may be reported on and updates on current frog research, conservation programs and publications may be given. Generally, the information will exist on the frogs.org.au website and the e-newsletter will consist of abstracts that allow you to seek out the detail information if you are interested.

You can subscribe to the e-newsletter by becoming a member of the frogs.org.au Community and ensuring that you choose the "VFG e-newsletter" when creating your profile. You can manage your profile to unsubscribe at any time. You can remain a member of the frogs.org.au Community without receiving any e-newsletters.


Our newsletter will also be used to notify members of any frog research or field survey work that they may be involved in. We also hold field excursions and survey trips specific to our group. All such activities will be advertised in the newsletter.


This website is maintained periodically. The event calendar is kept as up-to-date as possible and the other sections of the site are growing slowly all the time. People seem to find it enjoyable at the same time as being useful and very occasionally it attracts the attention of people who hand out awards. Write to the webmaster with your comments or suggestions for future inclusions.

That's it - enjoy your visit.

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