Litoria verreauxi

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Litoria verreauxi

Postby chadbera » Thu Jun 19, 2014 6:19 pm

I was working at Western Sydney Parklands today and I swear I was hearing random calls from the whistling tree frog (Litoria verreauxi). Some of the call were coming well away from water. Some were intermingled with the Crinia sig. chorus in a swampy area. I played the call on my phone using the Australian Museum frog app and they sounded identical. Also the whistling tree frog has a year round breeding season including winter. Is it possible that it was indeed a whistling tree frog? Are they known to call during the day? I suspect it could also be some kind of insect that sound really similar, but im positive it was the call of the whistling tree frog.

If anyone has any knowledge about this frog please comment asap, it would be hugely appreciated. Thank you :)

Also note the Crinia sig. were calling throughout the entire day, today.

- Chad

David De Angelis
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Postby David De Angelis » Fri Aug 01, 2014 5:08 pm

Hi Chad,

Although they're mainly active at night like most frogs, they will indeed (occasionally) call during the day. I often hear Lit. ewingi giving half-hearted "warm-up" calls during the day, as well as the full-blown 'whistle' more typically heard at night.


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