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Postby taniaaust1 » Sun Feb 02, 2014 10:25 pm

I certainly resonated to this thread.. due to putting mosquito fish into my frog pond and now not wanting to kill them. If that isnt bad enough, Ive now also just found out they have "live' young.. and one was looking extremely pregnant 4-5 days ago so Im now thinking I dont just have about 8 mosquito fish but now probably heaps of mosquito fish babies too in the frog pond with my tabpoles too.

Glad she was able to sell the white clouds.

Im going to solve my mosquito fish issue and get them out of the frog poind by setting up a above ground half wine barrel pond (something I'd planned to do in future for a water flower garden). The mosquito fish will be unable to do any harm in there.. and if I dont feed them (Im not needing to do so now) I guess they will only breed till they've exhausted that space of the large half wine barrel and the food supply there. Being above ground, no frogs should be laying eggs in there.

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Re: White Cloud warning

Postby snottiegobble » Wed Jun 07, 2017 1:52 am

I live in SW WA & have several small ponds & tubs containing whitclouds for mosquito control, & they do a fantastic job provided the wrigglers are not at their final instar which makes them too big for the minnows to eat! There are also endemic frogs & froglets in some of the ponds! I was shocked to read that such tiny fish that cant even swallow last aquatic stage mozzie wrigglers & yet are capable of gulping down frogspawn? If you visit Google Earth & view the coastline south of Perth you will see huge stretches of fresh & semi-saline stretches of water just inland from the coastline ( depending on the time of year because they are shallow) all the way down to Busselton & these wetlands act as breeding grounds for many species of mosquitoes with some containing Ross River Virus which of course infects those who get bitten! Every year there is arial spraying of an insecticde onto these wetlands in an attempt to protect communities living in these areas! There are also very many waterfowl that congregate on these wetlands with some having flown from the Northern hemisphere as far as Siberia. being so significant as to come under RAMSAR ! Surely a little fish that is smallerthan gambusia & is not pugnatious, doesnt give birth to live fry, doesnt nip the fins of native fish & controls mosquitoes admirable from the egg stage would be the perfect choice for these area? WA lacks the varieties of small fish that the other states enjoy, but I have kept pygmy perch in Victoria & find that unlike WCs these natives must have live food, & I suppose the Pacific, & rainbow fish would have similar dietry requirements? So we have brown trout, rainbow trout restocked into waters every year, redfin & carp doing heaps of environmental damage plus introduced yabbies making it hard for Marron to breed yet a little fish that by comparison rates environmentally friendly IS FROWNED UPON with chemical warfare on mozzies being a preferred choice? I wonder how many millions of frogs & tadpoles it takes down too?

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