Southern Brown Tree Frog with tremors. Help!

A big issue both in enclosures and in the wild.

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Southern Brown Tree Frog with tremors. Help!

Postby Southern Brown » Wed Dec 18, 2013 7:10 pm

Hi there all ,
I'm new to frog keeping and I have 9 recently morphed Southern Brown Tree Frogs plus another 7 tadpoles on the verge of morphing. My 9 frogs have been happy and healthy for several weeks now, but just today I noticed one of them was having tremors in it's arms and also clenching it's fingers into a fist.
From what I've read on the net this sounds like a calcium deficiency? I've been buying baby/pinhead crickets to feed them with and up until now they've all looked fat and healthy. Some of the packets of crickets I've been buying say 'with added calcium' and others haven't. I'm on my way to buy a calcium supplement now to dust the crickets with to make sure they're getting enough... but I'm worried about what else I should be doing for the sick frog, and also the fact that I have 3 metamorphs with arms and legs in the same tank waiting to climb out of the water.
Will the metamorphs be harmed by the calcium supplement if it gets into the water?
Any suggestions about how to help the sick frog would really be appreciated!
BTW. They are all kept in a 3 foot tank by a window with indirect sunlight and no artificial UV lighting (with half gravel/half water until they've all morphed into frogs).

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