Guidelines for posting messages

Containing the most important things that you need to know. If there's a new post since your last visit, please read it. Includes guidelines for making valuable contributions (and thus enhancing the overall value of the Community).

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Guidelines for posting messages

Postby frog » Fri Sep 16, 2005 8:31 pm

Choose a suitable location to make your post

The purpose of the Community is to convey information. This is best achieved if the posts are placed in the correct forum. Moderators are able to move messages but it is preferable that they are in the right place originally.

Think carefully about your post subject

This is especially important when starting a new topic as the subject line of the first post becomes the title of the topic. Try to be quite specific when starting a new topic - titles such as "Help me", "My frog is dying", "Hello", "A question", etc do not make it easy for people who are looking for the same information in the future to actually find it.

Decide whether you should start a new topic or not

Please avoid starting a new topic within an existing thread. Once again, it makes it difficult to locate the information in the future as the topic title will be unrelated to the information contained within.

Similarly, please don't start a new topic if the information is best contained within an existing thread. This is particularly important as it is very difficult for moderators to join threads together.

Don't ask a question that has already been answered

Please watch for duplicating posts. Scroll through the posts before submitting a question, as it may have been answered (or partly answered) already.

Make your posts readable

Please proofread before posting your message to check for mistakes. and use punctuation dont just run sentences together

Please don't type in capitals. This is the internet equivalent of SHOUTING.

Be polite

It is important to be polite when communicating with other users and to treat everyone with mutual respect. Any personal attacks will be "moderated". We encourage healthy debate and welcome you to challenge ideas or thinking of others - but it is to be done in a way that does not denigrate the other person. Abuse does not add to the weight of your argument, nor does it make the Community a pleasant place to visit.

Make your posts legal

Do not post material that infringes on any intellectual property rights (e.g. copyright, trademark, patent or other proprietary rights). Don't post images from other sites using the attachment feature. Similarly, don't re-upload images from the site as attachments as it results in them being separated from the copyright information and the photographer credit. However, links to relevant material are certainly encouraged.

Don't commit libel. I'm sure that nobody wants to be involved in any legal matters. I certainly don't.

Make your activities legal

Become familiar with the regulations governing the collecting and/or keeping of amphibians in your state and ensure that you do not inadvertantly confess to innappropriate activities. seeks to promote the legal and ethical enjoyment of Australian amphibians. Posts which show disregard for this attitude will be removed.

Challenging discussions on whether or not existing laws are appropriate are, of course, welcomed but not if accompanied by evidence of ignoring them.


The Community is moderated but it is not heavy-handed. We may edit posts to ensure that they fit the guidelines here (eg. correcting spelling mistakes, changing topic titles, removing personal attacks) mostly for the purpose of better information transfer.

Conversational posts are welcomed. However, periodically older topics may be edited in order to condense the information and to more directly answer a question posed. That is, conversational posts may be removed, leaving only the original question and each post that contributed a part of the answer.

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