Things just keep appearing in my pond system.

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Things just keep appearing in my pond system.

Postby Nevyn68 » Sun Dec 14, 2014 5:28 pm

This link is to images of my pond system.

Some how there must have been eggs from the pond on the left which is the goldfish pond on some of the under water plants I moved to the intended frog pond on the right. (I hope to be ready some time in the new year to get tadpoles.)
I have small rainbow (something) fish in the frog pond and they are happy and breeding already after just a couple of months.
So today I took the frog pond half apart to catch the 2 small goldfish and move them into the goldfish pond where they belong. Which I managed to do.
While putting the frog pond back together I saw what looked like a worm about 5cm long and about 2mm wide swimming like a snake. It was cream in colour.
I know it was not a worm but here are my questions.
1a: Would it be an eel?
1b: And if so how would it have gotten into my system?
2: Will it eat the small rainbow fish I have in the frog pond or any tadpoles that may end up in the future?

If you have any questions feel free to ask them so I might get the right answers to my questions. :)
Thanks for taking time to read this too.

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