Sick spotted marshfrogs - HELP

A big issue both in enclosures and in the wild.

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Sick spotted marshfrogs - HELP

Postby marinalouter » Mon Jul 20, 2015 12:32 pm

Hi all,

I have a question about my 2 beloved spotted marsh frogs of 7 years old, that seem ill....I am very worried about them.

I am from Adelaide, South Australia.
I got these frogs 5 years ago from a friend (they are from the wild, from around Adelaide) who could no longer take care of them, because she was moving interstate. She had them for about 2-3 years and gave them to me in their tank. They are 2 males and have always been healthy, eating well and calling loud at night. I feed them crickets and supplement these with calcium.

However, they both seem to be very ill all of a sudden!

Here is what happened:
I recently introduced a new female spotted marsh frog (that I got from a friend - he caught it on his farm 40 km from here, so it was wild also) into my tank. I fed all the frogs crickets and all seemed fine. Sadly the new frog died after about 2 weeks. I examined the dead frog and I could not see anything abnormal. I found it when it had just died, and it looked perfectly fine, well fed and all. After the introduced frog died I cleaned the whole tank as I always do.

However, 2 weeks after this happened my 2 beloved male spotted marsh frogs have suddenly become very lethargic, they are not eating and their skin feels very sticky. They look bloated as well. They are not hopping as they used to do (instead they are crawling) and they are also not hiding under their rocks as they usually do.

I am not sure what to do, but I am worried that they will not make it if I do not take action.
I can not see anything abnormal on my frogs, there is no red skin colouration, not slime, no marks or anything. The strange thing is that they feel so sticky and are very lethargic.

Does anybody know what might be wrong with them? I have read a lot about disease and parasites, but none of the information I read said anything about the sticky skin....
Any treatment suggestions?

Hope you can help!
Many many thanks!

Right upper corner: male 1 (side)
Other 4 photo's: male 2 (side 3x, belly 1x)

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