Bonedaddy' Bacterial infection

A big issue both in enclosures and in the wild.

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Bonedaddy' Bacterial infection

Postby KittyCat80 » Tue Jan 07, 2014 8:37 pm

Hello everyone,
I decided to create an account with the community to share a story about one of my GTFs.
His name is Bonedaddy. So named because, about six months ago we had to remove him from the tank he was sharing with three other frogs.
They wouldn't let him eat and he got very skinny and almost died.
We saved him and moved him to his own froggy castle. He quickly put on weight and was looking very healthy.
Then he began to develop these cloudy sort of off white yellowish spots, (I have attach photos). Some days they looked worse than others.
So onto the froggy forums and read up all the advice on what this problem could be. A bacterial infection?
Well We didn't want to wait and see so we took him to the vet, they took some skin swabs and it was indeed a bacterial problem.
Vet prescribed Baytril baths once a day every day for two weeks. I had already begun soaking Bonedaddy in a bath of purified distilled water and he was improving, also I no longer keep water in the bottom of the tank he has dish which I change every two or three days.
I have just started him on the Baytril baths tonight. Bonedaddy weighs about 50grams, the vet has prescribed a bath of 3ml of liquid Baytril to 500ml of water, Bonedaddy is to float around in this for five to seven minutes. It smells like it might sting a bit, and after six minutes he began to jump around and wanted out.
So have a look at my pics I hope they are helpful and please take your froggy to the vet if he has similar symptoms. The vet told me that often people leave it much later than we did and it was often too late. We took Bonedaddy to the vet as soon as we could and the vet thinks he will be ok. It cost me $88 for the consultation and the treatment and I think its well worth it. I will post an update on Bonedaddy's progress in a couple of weeks
Bonedaddy in his bath.jpg
Bonedaddy taking a Baytril Bath
Bonedaddy's bacteria.jpg
Bonedaddy's spots

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