Burrowing frog bloated, and now legs are not working

A big issue both in enclosures and in the wild.

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Burrowing frog bloated, and now legs are not working

Postby treeve02 » Wed Mar 13, 2013 10:36 am

My burrowing frog, which I think is a Mallee Spadefoot Toad, has been bloated for a while now, eating only the occasional cricket and I've been treating him with warm water baths as I'm not sure if he's impacted. I've been treating him since last Thursday (no sign of faeces either) and last night when I put him in the water he swam around like crazy then suddenly went stiff. I immediately took him out, cooled him down and started him on an antibiotics bath (Gentamicin). I will continue to do so.

I had to go somewhere last night so I was dreading that when I got home, he would be dead. I was surprised to see that he was still alive, and had brightened up considerably, apart from his legs which were limp and layed out behind him. They are still like that this morning so I'm really hoping this is a temporary paralysis.

Does anyone have any other ideas? I've attached a couple of pics taken this morning. I'm also trying to get advice from my vet too, via email at this stage as working full time does not leave me a lot of time to get there.

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