Weak/sick green tree frog!

A big issue both in enclosures and in the wild.

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Weak/sick green tree frog!

Postby Litoria Alex » Fri Jan 18, 2013 10:51 am

I have two young green tree frogs (approx 6 months) and the older of the two seems to be unwell. She has a lot of trouble catching her food and her back legs seem to be quite weak and are not working the way they should. I reached a point of desperation last night and fed her a mealworm because she was too skinny and not eating. I also had to help her onto her belly as I found her just chilling on her back!! She flips over from time to time but usually corrects herself straight away. She and her (seemingly healthy roomie) get uv for a few hours most days. There hasn't been a huge amount of food available but enough to sustain them. I don't know what to do to help my Froggy. I moved them into a larger tank two days ago but that might mean catching food is harder again? If anyone has advice on force feeding or encouraging eating or if anyone knows how I can help my Froggy I would MUCH appreciate it! Below is a recent photo taken about a week ago. She looks healthy here and still does when she's in her sleeping position, once she stretches out and moves around, it's easier to see there's something wrong.

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