Froglets knees bend the wrong way

A big issue both in enclosures and in the wild.

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Froglets knees bend the wrong way

Postby Rob130386 » Fri Feb 10, 2017 3:12 am

I live in Perth and have had 3 NGTF for about 12 months. 2 females were bought together from reptile trader at about 6months old. The male was about 2years? when I got him from a local pet store. All have are healthy and eat well on crickets. They are housed in a 4 foot planted vivarium with a bit over 3/4 water (only about 6 inches deep) and a small section of land. I can't post any photos at the moment but will try to get some up.

My northern green tree frogs spawned for the first time about a moth ago.
The eggs quickly turned into tadpoles, and quickly over crowded the vivarium. I kept about 50 in the viv and put the rest in a kiddy pool outside. Most of the tadies in the tank have morphed and started leaving the water. Although most have developed well, I have noticed a few of the froglets back legs are bending the wrong way at the knee joint. The legs come out 90 degrees from the spine then bend forward 90degrees at the knee.

Is this a deformity or a disease? The parent were bought from different shop at different times, and the male is older than the female so I'm pretty sure its not inbreeding. As far as none of the taddies died or were sick. I did have a few cannibalised due to over crowding but no deaths due to health.

And, should I let the effected frogs live or is that cruel? Mabey an hour in the freezer is more humane.
i would love to hear any thoughts or similar experience.

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