Frog with hind leg in strange position

A big issue both in enclosures and in the wild.

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Frog with hind leg in strange position

Postby Sunshine » Thu Jan 19, 2017 6:24 pm

Hi everyone,

I was hoping that people might have some advice for us. We have an Australian Green tree frog (about 8 months old). We are first time frog adopters and so far everything has been going well.

However, for the last few days our frog has been holding its rear leg in a strange position (picture attached - that's our daughter's hand in case people were worried it was a gigantic frog). It avoids using it, so we assume some kind of injury, although we didn't observe any physical injury. The frog is eating well and we think the colour is ok.

We've been to the pet store, who don't think the leg is broken but could be a dislocation. I was hoping that people might have ideas? We''re really not quite sure what to - not sure that it would get better by itself.

Any advice? Are people aware of vets that are good with frogs in Canberra? Let me know if a different picture would help.


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Re: Frog with hind leg in strange position

Postby Aaron » Sun Jan 22, 2017 7:04 pm


I think it would have to be some kind of injury to have forced the leg into that position. I can't recommend any vets in Canberra but it would be worth calling them up and seeing if any would be willing to examine a frog. I find most vets even if they don't have direct expertise are often happy to help out as best they can.

As an aside, are you sure it is a Green Tree Frog? The markings and the size of the glands make me wonder if its a Magnificent Green Tree Frog.

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