Guidelines for health/disease postings - YOU MUST READ THIS

A big issue both in enclosures and in the wild.

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Guidelines for health/disease postings - YOU MUST READ THIS

Postby frog » Mon Jan 22, 2007 7:22 pm

All answers in this forum are provided by volunteers. Their time is valuable. To aid in providing advice and making the most of their time, we request all posters to health and disease provide the following information.

    - clear and well-lit photographs. If it is impossible to put pictures up, please state this (so we don't ask you to include photographs before answering).
    I need a series from all sides but they need to be pretty much straight on like the traditional police mug shots! - left side, right side, view from top, view from bottom (through glass), view from back, view from front - natural lighting or a good flash and high resolution are best so that I can see correct colours and can enlarge them on my screen to go in close to suspect areas.
    - your location. Are you in Australia or overseas? What state are you in? And even what town, if it is relevant.
    - the source of your frogs. Did they come from a breeder, were they caught in the wild (as adults or tadpoles), were they purchased locally or from interstate?
    - the length of time in your care. How long have you had the frog, and has it recently been introduced to other frogs (eg, new frogs in its enclosure)?
    - and as much other background information that you think may be relevant (eg, recent changes in environment or behaviour, whether the condition has appeared before, etc)

Lastly, read other topics first to see if somebody has already posted the same problem and received an answer or treatment. Use the search feature.

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