For all those who care for our magnificent native frog fauna at home. Share information on enclosures, feeding, which frogs to select, and general care advice.

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Postby Anoxim » Mon Apr 28, 2014 10:57 pm

Hi all,

I am completely new at keeping frogs never have done it before. So I need key pointers.

1. What enclosures are best to use, I know it can depend on the species but I would love to have an enclosure that has part water at the bottom for swimming and possible breeding?

2. As I have never kept them before, what species is the best to keep, I love the look of the red eye tree frog but heard they are for more experienced.

3. Temp and humidity? Does it differ from species to species (I think it might due to species coming from all over the world)

Thanks all for your help :)

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