how to stop ants getting in to my frog viv

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how to stop ants getting in to my frog viv

Postby elery » Tue Nov 19, 2013 1:14 pm

so this past week i found a line of ants heading in to my frog viv and i looked a bit and be hand the back their is a little maybe nest? or it looks like they are moving in anyhow. I have taken my babys out and now wondering how can i kill the ants in a way not to hard my frogs and their viv. all i can come up with is flood them out, over and over wetting the back and so on for a few days till they ether drown or leave. does anyone have any other suggestions? as i would like them gone asap,

and any ideas on how to keep the ants away from the tank.

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Postby samwwelsby » Fri Jan 24, 2014 8:11 pm

I saw a chalk that prevents ants. I tried it once and I think it can help.
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Postby taniaaust1 » Thu Mar 06, 2014 6:23 pm

I have a huge ant problem at my place as I have super nests (or whatever they are called, 4-5 different types of ants in them and my whole property is infested. Ive ended with 3 ants in my ear in the past 12months).

Of cause they've nested right around my new frog pond.. not only that, I brought some crickets as I now have froglets and the ants within a couple hours were swarming the cupboard where I'd put them, got into the containers air holes and thou they couldnt get them out, they still killed all the crickets

So what Im doing now (I tried for a whole year to get rid of the ants without success before I got my tabpoles) is Ive just ordered from online some Diatomaceous earth (food grade quality), apparently it to ants and insects is like walking over pieces glass and it kills them (thou completely safe for other pets like cats, dogs and can be given to them or us as a parasite killer).

I read that it was used to kill ants around the amphibians in a zoo (Im not sure if that means that its completely safe for frogs if they are hopping on it but it certainly would be safe enough to place on the ant trails where the ants are wanting to get in with the frogs and maybe someone here could say if its safe actuallly in with the frogs too).

All the comments Ive seen for ants and Diatomaceous earth say it works great for ants (I think its pure silica). Talc I think can get into the lungs and doesnt break down (unless that is a myth Ive read).

My boyfriend is laughing at me as I also ordered from another place yesterday a couple of antlions to put outside and hoping they will breed (with all the ants outside they could feast). That's desperation as they apparently only eat 2 ants per day!

Note other natural things some use to kill ants apparently kill frogs eg the citrus ant killers as citric acid apparently kills frogs.. same as coffee grounds which can kill ants also kill frogs. (Ive spent the last week or so researching trying to find things which kill arents but arent toxic for frogs.

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