Magnificent Tree Frog Morph care

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Magnificent Tree Frog Morph care

Postby srobertson » Tue Feb 21, 2012 6:46 pm

New to the frog keeper world. Have magnificent tree frog tadpoles morphing. Happy to receive any info to help keep these alive. Have one froglets with a tiny stump of a tail left, twenty tadpoles with different development of legs and heaps of tadpoles not yet with legs.
Please advise what to feed my tiny frogs and when will they eat? Also what temperature should the water for the tadpoles be.

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Postby highlyevolved » Wed Feb 22, 2012 8:49 am

you can usually get baby crickets from most pet stores, I order mine from ARC from this site online 15 day old crickets should do. Morphlings are not usually hungry until a few days after their tail is fully absorbed. Buy a calcium suppliment (good pet stores should have this) for them and dust the crickets every second or third feed.
Have lotsa climbing materials for when they morph. Invest in a UV 2.0 or possibly 5.0 light for the day time (a few hours of UV is good for development). I think you will find care sheets for looking after tree frogs on this forum somewhere they should be relatively the same as Green Tree Frogs I assume, but you may need to monitor the temperature/humidity a bit closer.
In terms of tadpoles I don't think they are too fussy in the summer months, but keeping the temp at 22-24 degrees will probably speed along their development.
Good luck I must get some of those frogs myself sometime!

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