Just how well can marshies hide?

For all those who care for our magnificent native frog fauna at home. Share information on enclosures, feeding, which frogs to select, and general care advice.

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Just how well can marshies hide?

Postby Tin Lizzy » Mon Feb 13, 2012 1:28 pm

I moved my 2 SBTFs and 2 spotted marshies into a glamourous custom set-up (2 foot aquarium with fitted mousewire lid, ferns, gravel, fake rockwall, heating and designer pond) to cohabit with 5 frogs (more SBTFs, we think) I'm babysitting for a friend for 3 years. Previously mine had been in a large plastic bin I'd adapted with drainholes and flymesh lid and grass clumps shoved into leaf-litter-over-coir-peat. About the same size as the tank and they seemed happy enough. I could easily find them when I wanted.

Since the move, I rarely see any frogs even at night and I don't think I've seen either marshie for weeks. I haven't heard the male, either. Crickets do steadily disappear. Should I go digging up the gravel etc looking for little corpses, be patient, or assume they have somehow escaped?

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