Breeding Frogs

For all those who care for our magnificent native frog fauna at home. Share information on enclosures, feeding, which frogs to select, and general care advice.

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Breeding Frogs

Postby Jasonm » Tue Feb 14, 2017 12:21 pm

Hi everyone,
Im new here. I have recently re-found my love of frogs and got some perons tree frogs. Perons would have to be one of my favourite species of frogs. I always wanted them when i was younger and had lots of pet frogs but could never find any.
Anyway i have 8 perons now, and i want to try and get them to breed, they are still a bit young at the moment. Non have started calling so can not tell sex. But just wondering what is a good number of frogs to have for breeding? Surely out of 8 frogs i will have some males and females?

Cheers Jason

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