Motorbike Frog Perth Lonely

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Motorbike Frog Perth Lonely

Postby Melanie71 » Thu Jan 12, 2017 3:37 am

We live in inner city. Victoria park and have a series of ponds for just over 12 months. Last year our resident motorbike frog found a mate within a few weeks. This year he has been calling for 6 weeks and no lady frog has joined him. I am worried that because we are inner city high density that no one else around us has ponds and my male frog will miss his opportunity this year :cry: . Any suggestions, do I intervene and find him a girl friend? is there any frog enthusiasts out in Victoria Park who may have a female motorbike frog they want the send my way. I think in WA you are not allowed to relocate frogs more than 4kms. Or is this just the tough lessons of a frog life in the city! That he may die a spinster due to urban development

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