Frog call ID

Need some help to identify a frog (or tadpole or egg mass)? Sounds like a job for the collective minds of the Community. Photographs and/or recordings are greatly appreciated. Results guaranteed (All money cheerfully refunded).

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Frog call ID

Postby anthonyk51 » Sun Sep 28, 2014 9:36 am

I have recorded a call of an unknown frog. The recording is only 3 seconds and the call I need to know is a short call at the start and end of the recording. There is a Litoria Fallax call in between these two calls.
They were recorded at Spring Farm NSW (near Camden).
I have compared the calls to the Smooth Toadlet and found the unknown call is shorter and higher pitch. The unknown call seems to be different pitch to the Red-groined toadlet and is slightly longer.
Any suggestions to the ID.

Unknown frog with Litoria Fallax.mp3
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