how does the frog get in my toilet?

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how does the frog get in my toilet?

Postby sues0204 » Tue Mar 27, 2012 5:43 pm

Hi, I didn't believe my husband a few weeks ago when he said there was a frog in our toilet - but just went in there and lifted the lid and there he / she was sitting on the rim! after a minute or so, he/she dropped down into the water at the bottom of the pan and disappeared.
We are in Kellyville, north-west suburb of Sydney. We are on mains (re-cycled) water.
I think it may have been a Perons Tree Frog - only because we've had that type of frog around the house before (forgive me, by no means an expert on frogs)
So, can anybody tell me how they get in there? and don't they mind the "products" that get flushed past them??? Is it true they "sleep" on the up-side of the sewer pipes and watch the world flush them by???
Hoping someone might have a minute to satisfy my curiousity with answers to the above?
Cheers, Sue

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