Biomass Toxic plant - frogs in danger

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Sandra Wilson
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Biomass Toxic plant - frogs in danger

Postby Sandra Wilson » Thu Feb 21, 2008 3:17 pm

Thanks for taking the time to read this. You might not be aware that there is a Biomass development that is being proposed that will be a toxic polluter in a pristine agricultural area, between Manjimup and Pemberton.

I am Farmer and my husband is a Food Technologist, based in Perth, however I have a farm down south ( Middlesex). There is a proposal for a wood fired Power Station to burn 68 truck loads of potentially green, sometimes wet timber per day, for the next 25 plus years. This will be a major source of toxic pollutants into this area and into the river and water systems of the south.

All I see is warning lights going off as potentially Dioxins and PAH's are about to be dumped into this area, and into the food and wildlife chain. This will be a test case for WA, and for Australia.

I have been reviewing the potential harm that this may cause to the amphibian community and any endangered species. The local shire and the PER report have not even included amphibians in this report.

The report has some major problems

1. A rush through that appears to have a deadline without due respect to the communities or environment
2. No studies on local current air emission data
3. No recognition of amphibians in the region
4. No baseline studies on current pollutants within the region
5. A minimal effort to control waste emissions with only a baghouse filter proposed

The company who have completed the PER is Connell Wagner . This plant will have water facilities including, water treatment, storage wastewater, and evaporation ponds. These ponds will hold toxic waste and if they overflow at any time they will flow into the primary drainage lines of the Lefroy Brook tributary, the East Brook and the Diamond Tree Gully. Lefroy Brook flows into Big Brook Dam which then continues into the Warren River, the East brook also flows into the Warren River.

Submissions to the Shire of Manjimup have closed however comments to the EPA for the PER close on the 26th February 2008.

I am looking for help from anyone that might have info to endangered frogs in this region of the Sth West of Western Australia(Pemberton/Manjimup) or someone who has fought issues like ours with governments. This is going to be a long fight to stop this plant from starting up. My Dam is overflowing with frogs(Species unknown- motor bike ones for sure) and marron and to think the local shire and state government could destroy it all with a signature on a dotted line. We would appreciate any advice from anyone

Thanking you in advance
sandra :) :)

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