How do I access the School Zone?

The School Zone is an area for communication between students from schools participating in the Amphibian Research Centre's projects. To see the projects in the School Zone you must be registered as a member of one of the School Groups.

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How do I access the School Zone?

Postby frog » Mon Apr 28, 2003 7:37 pm

In order to access the School Zone, you must be a member of one of our registered school groups.

Unless you belong to one the groups (and have Logged In), the forums will not be visible to you.

Generally, membership is arranged by a teacher at the school. Contact the Amphibian Research Centre if you are a teacher and need to organise access.

Tip to teachers: The process is made much easier if you can organise a dedicated email address for the project. (Initially all the students in the group will use the same email address which they can later change to their personal addresses if they wish).

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