Help! Mosquito larvae

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Help! Mosquito larvae

Postby FNQMel » Thu Feb 05, 2015 9:37 am

Good morning,

First time posting :)

Have begun searching for information regarding killing off mosquito larvae without hurting my tadpoles in our 'pond'

I say 'pond' because it was a kids swimming pool that managed to become a breeding site for green frogs !! So now we have 100's of tadpoles.

Things were going great, until the last 2 days i've noticed mosquito larvae !! I assumed the tadpoles would eat them but no, they much prefer their diet of grapes, spinach leaves and paw paw leaves !! Is there a fish I could introduce to eat the larvae as i'm in Cairns and there is a dengue 'outbreak' so I need the larvae sorted asap!

I have considered moving the tadpoles into a new enclosure of some form but there are a few 100 of them.
Babies and a Mosquito Larvae
Babies around 10days old

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Postby tropicbreeze » Thu Feb 05, 2015 11:52 pm

There's 2 ways I deal with mosquito larvae. Pseudomugil tenellus (Delicate Blue-eyes Fish) will eat the larvae but won't touch the tadpoles. At the moment (wet season) a number of my ponds have tadpoles and the fish happily cohabitating. There are other Pseudomugil species that are also okay but these are local natives here so I prefer to have them.

The other method is to use Utricularia gibba (Bladderwort) in large containers that I leave out for animals. These containers get lots of tadpoles but no mosquito larvae.

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