No-dig frog pond?

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No-dig frog pond?

Postby maryanne » Wed Oct 09, 2013 5:11 am

I really want a frog pond but can't dig holes (not even little ones for plants :( ) . I did already have a deep fibreglass pond I have emptied and dragged onto pavers, cleaned, filled, added fish (fire tailed gudgeons) and weed (All native - a grass weed, a floating weed, a sedge and a rush) and put some pot plants around it, a hollow branch over one edge corner of the pond, and a flat rock angled out of the water. I need more rocks or driftwood to complete it, and another plant or two I think. Will frogs use this mock garden do you think or do I really need someone to come dig some holes and plant out properly? That's not an option in the short term but maybe next year if it's necessary.

I am aware though that frogs like shallow ponds - and mine is not shallow. Will creating shallows with a pile of rocks suffice? I'm thinking a couple of pavers in the bottom with a flat rock over them to create a cave for the fish to hide in and a shallow area for the frogs?

We also have a big leaf issue, I'll need to scoop them daily, will that affect the water in such a way the frogs won't like it?

Thanks for your help. Here is a pic of a frog that lives in the down pipe beside our kitchen window. He gets in and out where the leaf separator is and eats bugs from the kitchen fly screen (or our hands if we catch him something). He was sitting on a rock on the window sill last night so we took him rock and all to see the pond before putting him back.¬if_t=feed_comment

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Postby LynetteOZ » Fri Apr 04, 2014 1:29 pm

Hi - best not to put fish in with tadpoles because they love to eat them!

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