Thinking of releasing tadpoles or frogs into your garden?

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Thinking of releasing tadpoles or frogs into your garden?

Postby Ann » Fri Jan 18, 2008 8:00 am

Are you thinking of releasing tadpoles or frogs into your garden? Or moving them from one location to another? If so, can you please read some of the following information?

Firstly this behavior is illegal in most states of Australia; please start by checking to find an overview of the laws for your state.

Most of us do not promote the law for the laws sake but because we believe in the reasons behind the creating of those laws. Some of those reasons are shown here and I will add anymore as I find them.
Thank you
Ann ... isease.cfm ... 73V89?open ... dpoles.asp => LINK BROKEN

As an overview of the above sites the concerns are:

Disease transfer.

Pollution of the local regional differences.

Depletion of the local species when non local species are introduced.

Please note I have selected links from around the world, again please check you state laws as they may differ from the information given.

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