Maybe Eastern Banjo Frog ODD BEHAVIOUR

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Maybe Eastern Banjo Frog ODD BEHAVIOUR

Postby sapphire » Fri Apr 15, 2016 12:49 am

Hi I was wondering if anyone knew of the maternal behaviour of these frogs...I have deeper water with a shallow well planted bog pond near by with a LOT of leafy overhang and bromelaides for them to hide amongst and the banjos where in the garden hiding while everyone else had their breeding turn THEN the banjos moved to the deep pond...completely covered with water poppy, water iris and floating weed...i finally got to SEE these guys and not just hear them and they have a huge froth pile but what i saw was ...unusual maybe...the male was near it calling out with the bonk bonk singular ones and i saw him well his head and he dove under the water and came closer to me...inflated his throat...but i saw another one half hidden under the froth and thinking that was the female...wasn't calling as such but a soft occasional bonk...and it looked like she was fluffy it up

What i wanted to know is...are these frogs KNOWN for maternal care of the eggs for eg guarding them and keeping the air in the froth for the eggs to stay afloat...was so weird

thanks to hear others thoughts or knowledge on this matter


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Postby Aaron » Tue Apr 19, 2016 1:13 pm

Hi Sue,

Those are interesting observations. I don't recall reading that there is specific parental care of the egg mass once its been deposited and the foam raft is made. But I have seen the male frog continue to float amongst the eggs a day after they've been laid (also in other species too). I can only speculate that the male is protecting the egg mass from predators when they do this. Certainly interesting to observe at any rate!


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