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Postby farles83 » Wed Dec 03, 2014 2:10 pm

Four years ago my wife and I bought a new house that just happened to have a pond in the back corner (about 2000-3000 litres) I immediately relocated all of the gold fish etc and within a week it had been claimed by Striped Marsh Frogs.

As much as I love ALL frogs, I am very partial to Green Tree Frogs. I hear them in our downpipes after rain and see them squished on the road all the time in our street but they seem to stay away from my pond.

So I built another smaller 150 litre one and put it in a greenhouse... It too fell to the Marsh Frogs.

Anyway, lately the Marsh frogs have stopped calling at night and 2 weeks ago I heard a Green Tree Frog calling from some PVC pipe I stuck out of the small pond and through the greenhouse roof. I rushed out to have a look and out of the corner of my eye I saw a big fat female with a little male on her back. It was about 630am at this point so I stood and watched them doing their thing.

Two weeks later an there are literally hundreds (maybe 500 or more) tadpoles in the pond, I have started relocating most of them to the larger pond.

I had no idea Green Tree Frogs were so prolific! I thought the Marshies were impressive with their 20-30 clumps a year with 30-50 tadpoles in them, but these two Green guys went crazy.

The End.

Sorry for the long read... pretty proud moment for me :)

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Postby tropicbreeze » Fri Dec 05, 2014 11:37 am

Always great to see. The Green Tree Frogs went ballistic at my place last night. There wasn't really enough rain to provide the waterholes for them but they filled one of the existing ponds, really overfilled it. Don't know where to put the excess unless we get some heavy rain very soon.

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