Frogging in Bruxner Flora Park Reserve

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Frogging in Bruxner Flora Park Reserve

Postby chadbera » Tue Nov 25, 2014 6:49 pm

Hi fellow frog people, while I was up the coast I was told to check out Bruxner Park Flora Reserve, as it is known for having quite a decent amount of frog life in it.

During the night I found:

30+ Calling Adelotus brevis
20+ Calling Litoria barringtonensis
20+ Calling Pseudophryne coriacea
1 Litoria wilcoxii encounter
1 Litoria sp. metamorph (picture is in the link below if anyone can ID it)
1 sneaky calling Lechriodus fletcheri

Could have sworn I heard the grunt of a Mixophyes iteratus. Anyone know if they are in there? Looks like good habitat for them.

Overall it is an awesome patch of rainforest. Why go all the way to Dorrigo when you can go 15 minutes to Bruxner!? I'm keen to go again next time I'm up there, in hopes to see some species which require a bit more rain such as Litoria chloris etc.

For photos, check out: ... a-reserve/

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