Frogs in the toilets

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Frogs in the toilets

Postby Rickzzz » Tue Feb 21, 2017 1:55 pm

Hello, i am new here...

I found this frog sitting on my toilet rim last nite 12am... It scared the crap outta me.
I proceed with capturing it and placing it in a box (with water n lid), hoping to release it in the morning, but it escaped last nite and I think it might have gone back into the toilet.....(seriously escape from a box with a lid???)

upon discovery of frog "X", I went to the other unused toilet just to make sure the toilet is not "occupied"... and to find frog "Y" is occupying this other toilet too -_-!

any suggestion as to how to catch them and appropriate ways of releasing them into a proper area...and what sort of area? dun wanna kill them with chemicals as suggested by a mate of mine. (need them out before my son sees them(enuf pets in the house)).....

what kind of frog is it?

many thanks

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Re: Frogs in the toilets

Postby Aaron » Thu Feb 23, 2017 2:58 pm

Hi Rickzz,

Your frogs are Peron's Tree Frogs (Litoria peroni) and a toilet isn't a bad place to be if you're having the crap scared out of you :lol:

They are great escape artists and quite strong and can force themselves out of containers and through small gaps. I'm not sure if you have a pond or something outside as that would be the best place to release them in. Or a nearby slow moving creek would be suitable as well. Releasing them outdoors at night would be preferable or early in the morning to give them a chance to find a hiding place and not get cooked by the sun. Alternatively if you have a reasonably vegetated garden you could place an old ceramic flower pot upside down or even use polypipes as a hiding place to encourage them to stay outdoors. If you are in an area thats experiencing hot and dry conditions it would explain why the frogs would be entering the premises and looking for somewhere to cool to wait out the conditions.


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Re: Frogs in the toilets

Postby annette » Thu Apr 27, 2017 8:37 pm

Love your wise counsel and sense of humour Aaron, always good!

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