silly questions I know...

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silly questions I know...

Postby Savvas » Fri Dec 30, 2016 11:25 pm

Hi Folks,

I have a back yard pond in a house I bought about 24 years ago here in Semaphore in Adelaide. We've had up to 11 frogs in the pond for the past 15 years of so - Spotted Marsh I think - but thought we'd lost them all when we cleared out 20-odd years of reed growth and root matter over winter. However at least one seems to have returned - he's out there calling now.
I know it's a silly question, but - only the males call - right? There's an egg mass hidden under the foliage trailing at the pond edge, so I know there's got to be a female in there somewhere. Do the females call at all?
At first I thought there were actually 2 frogs calling as I hear both the multi-click associated with LBTasmaniensis interspersed with (and often replaced by) a series of single 'clucks', which I have read as being the call of LD Fletcheri. However I've just been out with the torch and it looks like both the multi-cluck and singular calls are being made by the single animal! Is this a characteristic of LDT, or has my frog learned something new while he's been on holidays?
I'm hoping I'll see more returnees over summer...



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Re: silly questions I know...

Postby Aaron » Tue Jan 10, 2017 8:00 pm

Hi Sam,

It is primarily the male frogs that vocalise to attract a female or to defend their territory. Female frogs can make noises when they feel threatened.

The calls of the Spotted Marsh Frog can be variable. It is likely the frog is doing different calls for different purposes and sometimes shorter calls are used as a warm-up or practice before the main event or as a warning to other males.

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