Frogs in Darwin NT - Constant loud frog noise causing severe stress and sleep loss

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Frogs in Darwin NT - Constant loud frog noise causing severe stress and sleep loss

Postby KymY » Tue Jan 31, 2017 12:26 am

In my rented flat in Palmerston NT there's a garden pond.

When inspecting the flat before taking-on the lease, the estate agent never told me that there would be a serious problem with loud frog noise every night, from October to March.

My lease has a clause that says I am entitled to "quiet enjoyment of the lease".

Well, since October 2016 I've had to put-up with constant very loud noise from 6 pm to 7 am, every night - lus sometimes during the day. I have to wear ear-plugs to get some sleep - but even, the noise still comes through,
It's a constant "rick rick rick rick rick rick rick " all night, and it giving me heart stress and high blood pressure.
I am at my wits-end, trying to cope with this blasted cacophony.

Am considering legal action against my agent and landlord for breach of contract, unless we can find some way to reduce or eliminate the frog noise. My only other option is to find a frog-free unit and move out - or leave Palmerston / Darwin and return to Alice Springs.

I know this site's all about frog conservation, but does any consider the stress their night noise causes to people just trying to live in Darwin & Palmerston ? As if our hot & sweaty Build-Up and Wet isn't enough of a challenge (esp. if you're over 60 like me) - now a nightly cacophony of screeching frogs too !

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